1. Can a quotation for the cleaning / conservation treatment be given over the phone / email, or must the work be seen in person?

We can give you an estimate based on photographs that provided by you. However, upon on-site inspection, should there be additional required treatments that we were not able to identify through the pictures, you will informed beforehand.

To get the most accurate quote, an on-site inspection would be most ideal.


2. Do the bronze pieces need to be delivered to the facility or can the cleaning / conservation service be done on-site?

This is dependent on the size and treatment of the sculpture. For a maintenance programme, it would be more cost effective to execute the treatment on-site. For restoration of smaller pieces, it would be advisable to complete the work in our facility.

For larger sculptures that are bolted or cemented into the ground, we would most definitely fulfill the treatment on-site.


3. What is the average timeframe for one cleaning / conservation procedure?

This could take anywhere from a few hours to a few days depending on the size of the sculpture and the extent of treatment.


4. Can conservators appraise bronze sculptures?

We can do condition reports  regarding the state of the artwork, but we are unable to appraise the sculpture. We could, however, refer you to a company who can.


5. Does Blue Cell accept credit cards, or are there other forms of payment plans?

We currently accept only cheques or bank transfers.


6. What records / documentation are provided after the cleaning / conservation service is completed?

We provide a full pre- and post- condition report for your keeping. This includes the treatment that was executed and preemptive measures for the future.